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So many passions, so little time.

Hello everybody! 

I hope you are doing fine! 

School is killing me and the only thing that keeps me going right now is the thought that is almost over. I can smell summer but more importantly feel it. 

All april and the beginning of May was awful. Always raining and it was sooo cold and now finally it’s getting warmer and warmer. 

I’ve been wanting to write more than ever. In fact, I’ve starter a new original story and I’m working on it. So far it’s only a few pages and I’m still building it but I’m happy with it and I believe it’s the most important thing. 

I started practicing guitar again too! It’s so good to play, it relaxes me so much. I’m planning on becoming a pro this summer. 

Also my workout is going well. But with all of this stuff going on, plus reading and other things I like, for example musicals right now, my day seems so short and I barely have time to write here. 

No fear though. As said, summer’s coming so I’ll have plenty of time. I hope. 

But it’s already May, can you believe how fast time goes? It’s insane. It seems to me like it was only yesterday when I was doing my Year resolutions. 

Oh anyway. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and that you are super duper happy!! 

Good vibes

Xx. Arianna.


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