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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I’m pretty ill today so I thought I’d take the chance and finally write down everything, and I mean everything about my trip to Milan. 

I figured if I write also about the concert this would be probably the longest post in the history of wordpress so I’m gonna split this two things up and if you’re interested in reading about the concert I’ll soon make a post about it and you can read it right here.

On Sunday I left my house at around 10:30 am, even though I woke up soo early, I was way too excited to sleep. After making my bag, because yes, I did my bag that same morning, after choosing my outfit and doing my makeup I met my sister and her boyfriend since I was going with them. 

Those two cutiepies thought it would be funny to prank me and I almost had a hard attack when they pretended to fight in the car right before we leave and my sister went all crazy and started saying stuff like “we’ll take the train” bla bla bla, after laughing at me so hard we actually left. 

The trip was really long. We stopped a few times including for lunch, after 3 hours on the road we went to this really lovely restaurant, it was small, situated in a really small town, I wish I’d remember the name but I don’t. We had an amazing lunch and we kept going. 

I have to say, I’ve done plenty of long trips but never one was so tiring. I thought I was going nuts staying in that car. 

It took us NINE hours to finally arrive to Milan. I was so happy, not only because I got to finally lay down on a bed, but also because I couldn’t stop thinking about the concert. 

The hotel we booked was nice. My room was pretty big and the bed comfy. I did hate the pillows though. Apart from that, I’m quite happy with our choice. 

We rested for about half an hour, since we arrived at 9 pm or so we were starving and we looked for a restaurant near by. We ended up in this massive beautiful place with great food and great wine.

I did make a bad decision though. I had a small lunch and didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day, I was starving and the food was taking a while to get to us and wine looked just so delicious (and tasted delicious) I drank too much too fast, well ti be fair it was only one glass but: a) I don’t drink that much and b) My tummy was empty so everything started to spin around and well you can imagine.

I mean I wasn’t drunk, just a bit dizzy and my sister was laughing at me, oh whatever. After eating everything went back to normal, so I guess it didn’t go too bad.

I have to say, I was so tired it took me like five minutes to fall asleep even with those rock/pillows they gave us. 

The next morning, as you can imagine, I woke up super early. I was way too excited to sleep, again. Also I had to straighten my hair and do my makeup and stuff. I had the most relaxing shower, put my, modestly, amazing outfit on and did my makeup etc etc. Finally, after waiting my sister for ages, we went downstairs to have breakfast and I ate sooo much. Everything was delicious.

I just noticed I really don’t have a pic of mu outift I don’t know why sorry.

We decided to go straight to the center of the city since we would be there only a couple of days and of course you can not visit Milan and don’t go to the Duomo so there’s where we went. I also got to meet a friend after years of distant friendship and I was so happy. 

I did feel like a model and you can see a little bit of my outfit.

Friend and I.

There’s one thing I have to say about Milan. Traffic drives you crazy (see what I did there?) No but seriously, it was so annoying, specially since we were late since I wanted to go to Alcatraz as soon as possible to get a good spot for the concert. Alcatraz is the name of the place where the concert was. But we weren’t late only because of traffic, oh no. We managed to lose the car. 

We literally LOSE the car in a city neither of us knew and no one could remember the name of the street were we parked. We walked for about 40 minutes before we finally found it. And well we had lunch at Mc Donalds drive, but only because it was super late and my other friend was already waiting for me. 

As said, if you’d like to know about the concert go read my other post! 

The day after was the day we’d leave. I was so tired I can’t even explain. Also I had a little postconcert depression if you know what I mean. I missed them and my friends sooooo much I just wanted to go back in time to the night before and stop time for ever. 

Well we left at around 12 pm and went to Como that is a city near Milan to have lunch there and oh my god. The food was amazing. Truly amazing. A bit expensive but so worth it.

Also the place and the lake were lovely.

Something that made me extremely happy happened there. Suddenly this guy comes near to me and gives me this bracelet as a gift while telling me that was important to appreciate the little things in life, because those are what really matter because those are the ones we’ll have forever. 

And after another 8-9 hours drive we made it home, safely and tired we went back to our normal lifes. 

Now I miss Milan. My friends and that amazing concert but I have so many good memories of a beautiful city with amazing people. I’m really glad I had this opportunity.

If you have the possibility go visit Milan, is a beautiful place! 

I hope you are having an amazing weekend. 

Good vibes,




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