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My Makeup Routine.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!
Being a very lazy person, during the winter, when the cold is a magnet for the bed, I do not want to get up and especially to wear makeup. Although I like doing it, I would never put a hundred different products on my face. Sometimes I really don’t care if I look like a zombie. So, over the years, I have “created” a very simple daily routine. Something like “Go to school makeup.”
The quantity and kind of products I apply depends on how good or bad my skin looks on that exact day.
When I’m having really bad skin days, which happens mostly once a month, I start with foundation, I usually use the NYC Smooth Skin but recently I started using the Avon Magix Advanced Foundation which personally I find spectacular even if a bit hard to blend.

To avoid getting oily during the day, specially in my T zone, I apply the Maybelline New York perfecting powder.

I then do my brows. Doesn’t take long. I use the Kiko Eyebrow Sculpt, Automatic Pencil.

To go to school I started using the NYC Cheek Glow Powder Blush. The pigmentation is not really good but the colour is really delicate and natural and I love how my skin looks with it.

Last I put on some mascara, only to seem less sleepy. I’ve been using the Debby, All In One mascara and I’m loving it.

I actually don’t wear lipstick in the morning. I find it just too much, specially for school. I only put on some lip salve to protect my lips from the cold and the wind.
It’s a really natural kind of makeup, really comfortable for school.
That’s it. I hope you liked the post! Is the first time I try to do one of these so I hope I did alright.
Have a lovely week!


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