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Hello everyone!

How’ve you been? I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

I have always loved photography. I love the concept of having something to remind a small piece of a day of your life. All moments are unique, all moments are important and I find fascinating how we have the possibility of remember it by rewatching it.

I love memories, I love remember something I’ve done. That’s why I keep a diary. I think it’s just fun and magnificent see as a third person how much I have grown up and changed with years.

I believe we all should just take a moment to appreciate little things, to remember every single scene in our lifes. We only got one, we should live it until the end!

Being only 16 I don’t have plenty of money so I don’t own a good camera to take pictures with but I’m working on it. The first camera I wanna buy is a Polaroid. I’m so passionate about polaroids! I hope I’ll have the money soon or get it for Christmas!

I thought to leave you one of my favourite quotes of all time.

“Ogni volta che premo il pulsante dello scatto, è come se conservassi ciò che sta per sparire.”

“Every time I take a picture it’s like I’m saving what is about to disappear.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson


7 thoughts on “Photography

  1. This may sound silly but sometimes when I want to remember a moment, I close my eyes and open them like a camera shutter; hoping that somehow my mind took a snapshot of the current moment. As much as I love to take pictures and remember, sometimes I feel like it is still inadequate to capture the true essence of the moment right through my own eyes. Nevertheless, we are blessed to have a camera in our age to give us some kind of memory for what our minds may forget. Hopefully you’ll get the Polaroid!

    ~ Bre

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