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Lovely days


I hope you are all okay!

Today’s been such a nice day, really chill but still kind of busy, perfect for me.

I had only one period at school and as soon as I left I went, with a friend of mine, to a store to buy coconut oil, for my hair. Unfortunately I couldn’t find what I was looking for there. We decided to stop and get something to eat, a little snack. I had a delicious croissant. And believe me, it was delicious. 

We were sitting there when we heard this old lady yell at a guy because he left his dog tied to a stick. She started saying that it was irresponsible, that the dog was dangerous because it barked etc…

Well, first, this lady was pretty far away from the dog and didn’t even have to pass near to it. She was like 80 meters away, I mean what the hell? She actually blamed the owner and told him that the dog needed a muzzle ’cause dogs were dangerous? You serious? This kind of pissed me off. Okay, I get that some people are afraid of them, but you can not make such a drama because one dog barked… Whatever.

I went to a herbalist’s shop and finally bought the oil. Which, I have to say, smells amazing.

Also they gave me like four or five little bags to try different products. I haven’t try them yet but I can’t wait.


This one’s the oil. Inside the box there was also a little bag of primer. It says it makes your makeup last longer. I’ll have to try it.


Here we have the oil and the little bags. (Shower Gel, Perfumed Body Cream, Styling Gel with Millet and Soya, Super Nourishing Mask with Replenishing Action and Repairing Serum).


One of my favourite singers liked a tweet of mine! I got SO excited. He’s Alex Gaskarth, from All Time Low. Maybe you know them. (They’re great, if you don’t you should check them out!) I was REALLY happy. I’m an excitable person as you can tell.

Finally this evening I bought for like the first time online by myself. I follow a lot of youtubers and one of them is Alfie Deyes, and from his site I ordered this lovely sweater. 


It’s like a normal one but I really like it.

I was looking for some other stores I could buy online but i couldn’t find anything else that I really wanted, I’ll keep looking.

I think that’s it. That was my day, I’ll be happy to know about yours, was it a good one? I deeply hope so. 

Lots of good vibes!



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